Sunday, January 10, 2010

Short Update

I started some home improvement activities recently. It was a very prideful moment because I am not very good at this type of stuff nor am I very confident that I am doing it correctly. There were a few areas around some trim that needed some caulking. I went out and acquired a gun and tube, read some articles online and went to town. Success! I would have posted a picture of my caulk but my mother reads this blog.

This should be a relaxing week. I am super pumped to go see my first basketball game of the season on Friday. Hawks vs Suns. It should be a great game. I hope to get out to several more before the season ends.

I have tomorrow off so hopefully I will make some great food. Cross those fingers! I can not get enough days off.

Garlic bread my in fact be the best bread ever.

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The Voracious Vegan said...

Mmmmm garlic bread is for sure the best bread ever. Just a few days ago I made a huge batch of vegan lasagna and garlic bread....and didn't take any pictures. I think my brain must have short circuited. But as good as the lasagna was, the garlic bread was the star of the show, for me, anyway.