Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A Walk in the Woods

During Kaleigh's February school break, we took a winter hike through the locals woods on one of the warmer days!  It was still a little chilly and there was some ice but it was still a fun time.  It was right after a hard rain which melted off much of the snow and made the water flow incredible!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Seitan Chick-un Nuggets!

While Ashley was gone for the week Kaleigh and I made a favorite of ours, sietan chick-un nuggets!  Since Ashley has been gluten free we have avoided this dish but took the opportunity to make it when she was gone.

Kaleigh likes her nuggets with a buffalo sauce where as I am a BBQ kinda guy.  They came out great and it was a great meal that we had been missing.  When Kaleigh was that we were having them she got super excited!

We ate them with some fries and a side of steamed broccoli while watching our newest TV program.  We were really living it up.

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Ashley recently went to Wisconsin for a special job training.  It was a pretty big deal that she was chosen to go and she got a lot of good information.

Kaleigh and I stayed home and spent the week gorging on gluten.  Ashley has been gluten free for several months now so we do our best to all eat gluten free.  However, when she left town, Kaleigh and I splurged!

One of the first things I made was my seitan jerky.  For the holidays Ashley got a really nice dehydrator.  I pulled that beast out and made some jerky!  It was fantastic!  In the past I had used the oven but nothing compares to the dehydrator!  The results were night and day.  I can not wait to make this again!

Monday, February 8, 2016


A long time ago, Kaleigh found a Ronald Dahl cookbook at the thrift store.  On and off since then she has asked to make Frobscottle from the BFG.  We generally dismiss it since it has some weird ingredients that we do not often have on hand.  This time she asked as we were heading to the grocery store!

After picking up everything we needed for the fizzy burping drink we set out to make it.  Half a dozen kiwi's, a lime, a can of cream soda, some lemon-aid, and raspberry soy yogurt, tossed in the blender and we were done.  It was not the most appetizing thing and honestly it tasted about as good as it sounds.  However, it was a fun things to do, I just hope it quenches her thirst and we never have to make it again!