Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Biggest News Evah!

This post comes with some big exciting news.  Ashley, Kaleigh and myself have been working on a big project for about 10 months and it is finally time to reveal the big news.  We have uprooted our family and moved to Maine!

It has been an ongoing work since December of 2013 and we all finally made it.  It has been an adventure and is going to be quite an adjustment for the girls (I grew up in Maine).  We bought a house and some land with the intention of growing food and having a more leisurely life while offering Kaleigh a better school system, a safer place to live and a new life style.

One month ago, I quit my jobby job.  We packed the house, then a massive truck and I towed it all to Maine.  What should have been a 19 hour drive took me 28 hours.  I completed it in two days and still got the entire truck unpacked with the help of friends and family who met me at the house in Maine.

Ashley and Kaleigh joined me about a week later and we have been settling in ever since.  We have been swapping off work days with fun days.  The house is a fixer-upper and we have been working diligently while still getting in sufficient beach time.

We have a lot of projects we are going to be working on that we will be noted as we start/finish/progress through them.  In the meantime, we are just enjoying the last of the Maine summer.

Additionally, I decided to change the name of this blog.  It has been a long time and far over-due but I am now The Maine Vegan.  The blog will still contain the same type of content but I wanted to associate myself with our new community and celebrate the new life the girls and I are creating for ourselves.