Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back splash

Ten hours later but Jamie is moved and somewhat unpacked. It is at least livable for the moment. This will settle as they get more organized. In the meantime, the last bit of work was being done at my house, so I thought. There now needs to be some touch up work on a few things. My slate back splash was completed and most of the master bathroom hallway was re-tiled. I grabbed a quick photo of the back splash. I need to clean the place up a bit more now that there has been grouting and whatnot. Dust everywhere.I am going to begin painting the interior of the house very soon. I am committed to it. Actually, I am a little afraid of committing to colors. I know that I can just re-paint the walls if I change my mind but it is a lot of work. Painting coupled with the yard work is slightly overwhelming but exciting too. Day off soon, hopefully. Big things coming up.


Catherine Weber said...

PAINT! Don't be afraid! And choose bold colors!

Our living room is a very neutral-colored taupe called "Gobi Desert," but it really warms up the place. Our bedroom is a warm, deep green called "Mother Nature." Color on the walls is awesome!

Have you watched much HGTV? I think a lot of interior designers paint splashes of several colors on a wall and sort of "get used to" one of the colors before doing the whole room. Maybe that would help?

jessy said...

painting intimidates me as well. i'm never sure which colors are best and i kinda stink at painting edges and such. but it's kinda fun. :) yardwork is my favorite though. i wish spring were here so i could dig & play in the dirt... i love your backsplash! the house is really coming along. w00t!