Saturday, December 31, 2011

Presently Presenting Presents

I took a short hiatus, unintentionally.  It was actually a combination of things, of course I have been working many hours, I have another large project I have been working diligently on that I will mention at another time, as well as not feeling wonderful.  I am not full on sick but sort of teetering on the edge.

I have however, received some amazing things that I wanted to share.

First I received a package from my "unofficial" grandmother, Priscilla.  We send a nice,we I am not actually sure what they are called.  They are the items you set hot pans on to not damage your counter.  She also sent a new gardening book.  She was the one who really developed my interest in gardening and I always enjoy hearing her thought.  Her book advice on gardening goes a long way as well.

Much of my ideas about food and earth were not developed by some internet propaganda but has been passed down from my grandparents, this was their greatest gift.

I also got a package a few days later from my mum. She sent a fun card and a check.  She knows me well and wrote in the check that she wants me to do something fun with the money and enjoy it.  It was not to pay a bill or save.  I appreciate that and will do so.  I have a few ideas and was something I needed as I am often too quick to tuck my money away.

Lastly, Ashley came over with a couple of gifts.  First, was a book of mushroom identification.  When she and I hike, I often mention that I wish I knew more about what mushrooms were safe to eat.  It would be great fun to pick a wild mushroom from the woods and eat it for dinner over a campfire, now I can!  She also has been trying her hand at wood carving.  I was the receiver of the first product of that honing skill.  She carved me a mushroom!  It was an amazing gift.

It means a lot to me that I have people like these in my life.  It was a good pick me up from the long days of the holiday work season.


Anonymous said...

So, I love the title of this entry!
I hope you are full-on well soon :)
It's good to hear you got some interesting presents. I don't know what kind of money you have to spend on fun times, or if this even appeals to you, but someday I would like to do this:

It looks really fun to me!

Also, I can't leave you without a little tidbit of information on words!
"Of course i bought coarse salt for the ice cream machine" :)

course:path or action
coarse: rough or large

- Ame, friendly grammar police :)

Rose said...

Lovely gifts and you voice your appreciation of them in a touching way. I'll be interested to hear about any future mushroom picking!

Happy New Year Vic!

xvavaveganx said...

Aww looks like you received some really thoughtful and nice gifts! I hope that you can take some time and relax and feel better so you can start using all of these wonderful things :)

Happy New Year!

Alessandra said...

Ciao Vic, Happy New Year 2012, and all my best wishes for a great time ahead!!!