Monday, December 19, 2011

Not sure if this is even an update...

There has not been much going on.  Some behind the scenes stuff but nothing significant to talk about.  I am gearing up for another long couple of weeks at the jobby job over the holiday weekend.  It will be brutal but I will make it through.

I have made a few dishes recently.  Nothing new though.  I made some great french fries.  Fries may be one of my favorite things to eat.  Now that the basketball season is back on track, there should be more nights on the couch with a big plate of fries.  That is something to look forward too.

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Javelin Warrior said...

I feel bad you have to be working over the holiday - the last time a job required me to do this, I ended up quitting :( And proper fries are the best - especially if I have a dipping sauce ;)