Thursday, December 9, 2010

Some days are better than others...

Some days are better than others.  Today was burrito day!  It has been awhile since I went all out for some burritos.  I was due.  With several leftover avocado, black beans, and corn from the southwest salad I had most of the ingredients already online.  I added some TVP, vegan sour cream, turned the avocados into guacamole and it was off to the races.

Since I was making lunch for one, I decided that if I made enough, I might be able to take them to work with me for tonight and tomorrow.

Since I got my new blender, I have used it at least once each day.  Today was another green spinach smoothie with some extra to bring to work.

The last few days I have just simply relaxed.  I have been watching basketball and eating greasy french fries.  There is not much better than fries and a game on a lazy weekday night.  It is a good thing that I have been drinking so many spinach smoothies or I might be asking for some malnourishment! 


mangocheeks said...

Your burritos looks good. As you know I've made some black beans myself and you've actually encouraged me to pick an avacado and some tortilla wraps so that I can make some of my own at home.

Jennifer and Jaclyn @ sketch-free vegan said...

I love guacamole in burritos. So good!

Alessandra said...

Sometimes I feel like stealing you a chip (this is how they call French fries in New Zealand), the fact is that I don't make the often, and I never buy the frozen ones.

Guess why! Because here they are all coated with beef fat :-0!

Of course most people don't even know, only vegetarians who read the labels know... it makes me mad!

Ah, your burrito is looooovely :-) an smoothie too :-)