Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Purple Potato!

Purple potatoes are one of the most elegant foods I have ever gotten to cook with.  I love the rich color, it is such a rare oddity that I wanted to find a dish to further accentuate the beauty of the starch.  After some brainstorming I came up with what I think is the perfect match.  Both the color and autumn flavor of kale seemed to jump out and scream for a pair with the elegant purple potato.

 It came out very well.  A nice earthy flavor combination with full flavors allowing the potatoes to shine.  The kale ended up having that nice crunch texture much like kale chips. 

Purple Potatoes and Kale

4 med sized purple potatoes (cubed)
1/2 bunch of green kale
1/2 cup of onion (sliced)
1 tablespoon of oil
1 tablespoon of nutritional yeast
1/2 tablespoon of salt
1 teaspoon of salt

Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees.  Add the oil, salt, pepper, onion, and potatoes to a baking pan and mix well to coat the potatoes.  Bake for 50 minutes.

Meanwhile, tear the kale away from the stem and set aside.  Once the potatoes have roasted, remove from the heat and stir well.  Add the kale to the pan.  This will seem like far to much kale but it will cook down very quickly.  Bake for another 10 minutes and remove from the oven.

Reduce oven heat to 250 degrees.  Mix and flip the potatoes to incorporate the kale.  Sprinkle the nutritional yeast over the top of dish and bake for an additional 3-5 minutes.


omgoshimvegan said...

Looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing I'm going to try to duplicate.

Catherine said...

I like purple potatoes, too. They make gorgeous potato salad!

My boyfriend's brother got some potatoes in his CSA this summer that were magenta inside! Now THAT was amazing!

spécialiste de l'éphémère said...

I love purple potatoes too.
Your mix is beautiful and must be perfectly flavourful.

Jes said...

Love the purple potatoes + kale. The colors are just perfect!

Hannah said...

Hooray for more purple potato love! The color contrast with the kale is stunning, and I can imagine it would pair well with all of those earthy flavors.

Zoa said...

Love that first photo! Really brilliant. Kale's a good match for it, I'd imagine.

Jenn said...

Your dish looks so colorful! I made mashed potatoes with the purple ones. It looked pretty weird, but tasted great.

Alessandra said...

It looks like a great roasted salad. We have purple potatoes here, they are small, long and wiggly, we call them urenike (a Maori name), I guess that they would be similar in taste... when they are in season I will try your recipe :-)


Alessandra said...


Vic, I hope you don't mind, I added your blog on my blog list (Vegan blog section) on my other blog

jessy said...

what an absolutely beauuuuuuuuutiful dish! the combination of purple potatoes and kale not only sounds like a tasty one, but it looks like one as well! potatoes + kale has gotta be awesome, you're combining two of my favorites. so yum!

Millie said...

For being a vegam for so many years I feel dumb in saying that I have never tasted purple potatoes or Kale...but I must try them both to see if I'll like them.

dreaminitvegan said...

Beautiful colors together. Love the combo of kale and potatoes too!

Mihl said...

That is such a great colour combination!

miss v said...

oooo, i had purple potatoes by the bucket load this weekend. i wish i had this recipe then!

Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

That potato is gorgeous!