Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Mischievous Orchard

For the third year in a row, Ashley, Kaleigh and I went to the apple picking festival in Ellijay Georgia.  I really enjoy the trip we have taken each each.  It is great to see how much Kaleigh has grown from year to year and it is a great reminder of the memories I have with my mum taking me to the apple orchard.  I am not sure I appreciated it at the time but looking back, they were really great experiences.

On the drive up, Kaleigh and I had some great conversation about the concept of mischief.  We talked about the fine line between trouble making / lying and mischief.  We talked about good mischief and bad mischief.  It was really interesting to see how curious she was about it.  Personally, I think is anyone is going to talk with a child about the potential benefits of mischief, it should be me.  As both a child and an adult, I have gotten into my fair share of mischief and I feel I might be a qualified expert on the issue.

This year, for Ashley and Kaleigh, it was much of the same.  We watched some silly dancing on stage, played in a jumping house like thing, pet lots of farm animals, walked around seeing the sites (including the store), watched compassionate bee caretakers talk about the importance of bee survival, and of course, picked apples!

While in the orchard, Kaleigh and I jumped at the chance to cause a little mischief; we made sure to sample a number of apples before picking from the trees.  You have to make sure they are worth putting in the bag!

As with our tradition, after leaving the orchard, we went to Amicalola Falls State Park.  There is a nice walk through the woods (where Kaleigh and I got into mischief by climbing on rocks in the water) and after climbing 175 steps, you get to see the actual falls.  Amicalola is such a nice falls, always pounding water and it is massive.  It is also the starting point for most folks who are going to hike the Application Trail.

The apple festival trip is always a highlight in my autumn.  I hope that as Kaleigh gets older, she looks back on these trips she took with her mom with the same fondness I do.

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