Sunday, September 9, 2012

Maine Trip; Day 11: The lake and headed home

My mum, Cait (sister), niece, nephew and I went to Lake St. George early so that we had time to spend the day before I needed to be back at the airport.  We pack up some peanut butter and jelly with some chips and we were on our way!

We were actually the first people at the lake and it was nice to have the run of the place.  Slowly, people started to arrive.  This is another place that has changed quite a bit since I was a child.  There is now a nice playground, a gazebo and new picnic tables, not to mention steps to get into the water.

Shortly after lunch, my mum and I headed out to the airport.  Cait and the kids stayed for awhile longer.  A few hours later, I was arriving back in Atlanta.  The end of my trip.

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