Monday, September 17, 2012

Evenings out

I have been trying to get out of the house a bit more when I have time off.  My motivation has been low but I have forced the issue and felt better for it.  Even if much of the time, I am simply going to Ashley's house and spending the evening there.  It is at least out of the house!

We have been eating mostly quick foods when I have been there but one afternoon I made some on my mum's homemade pickles for the neighborhood kids.  Kaliegh really liked them but her friends turned up their noses and ran off mumbling something incoherently southern.

One of the evenings we took Kaleigh to play laser tag.  We got in two rounds of child shooting fun before we had to leave.  It was great fun, and Kaleigh had a great time.  This might be becoming my new thing, strangely it is a nice stress reliever.


Alessandra said...

Some kids recognize food, other recognized only processed food out of a packet...

nathanielK said...

"child shooting fun"