Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Laura Vist day 1: A Ginger, a Bezil, and a Rubik Cube...

 Friday we got a late start but Laura and her friend Terri piled in the car for a busy day.  We first went to Cafe Sunflower (where Laura worked for a couple of years) for lunch.  I have personally never been a huge fan of Cafe Sunflower but Laura wanted to go.

I had Pad Thai and was told I needed to share a few bites.  Begrudgingly I did so, despite someone not sharing their dish with me!

After lunch, I dropped them off at the Georgia Aquarium.  They were swimming with the fish.  I got some errands done, headed home and waited for Ashley to get out to work.  We were all going to dinner and then have a board game night.

For dinner, we went to Green Sprout, a favorite of mine.  I had some portobello beef and basil dish.  It is a great dish but I do not get it often enough.  We also got some drumsticks and stuffed zucchini to share.

After dinner, we waddled out nearly all of us in a food coma, and headed back to my house.  We sat around or a bit waiting to digest some food.  Laura has mastered the Rubik cube and was showing Ashley how to do it.

As we broke out the board games, Laura let us all know that she would like to try my s'mores cookies.  I knew I had to make them as soon as Ashley's ears poked up at the mention of the treats.  Who am I to fight a house full of people demanding cookies?

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