Friday, September 21, 2012

I am a Bean Man!

As a child, I never really ate beans.  We occasionally had canned baked beans but that was the extent of my bean eating.  After going vegan in 1998, I still had not much experience with beans.  I still ate a lot of canned (vegetarian) baked beans but other than that, I was bean free.

At my daycare as a young child, they used to make us eat lima beans.  I hated them.  I have never had them since, although I would guess they were poorly prepared and I may like them now.  I think I assumed that all beans were like lima beans, dry, slightly slimy, and gross.

The past few years I began to slowly get into eating more beans.  Mostly from a can and generally only in a burrito.  Slowly I have venture out of the proverbial can and really begun to go bonkers for beans.  I have been soaking my making my own beans for awhile now and I can not image all the amazing dishes I dodged with my pseudo-bean phobia.

Recently I have been making my own refried beans to take to work with me.  They are quick, easy, tasty, and travel well.  Toss to avocado or mango on it and it is fantastic.  I love the flexibility of refried beans, I can cook them with so many things to bring out different flavors.  With Vegan MoFo coming up, I may post a nice refried bean recipe.

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Babette said...

Beans are pretty cool!

Have you tried Lima beans again? The recipe for them in Veganomicon is fabulous.

I'm doing a Bean-Themed Mofo this year... and right now, I've got chickpeas and red beans cooking on the stove with kombu.

I go quite crazy for refried beans and frijoles.