Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Visitor!

This weekend I had a little extra time off.  I took the opportunity to have some weekend company.  My good buddy and old roommate,Tato, came for a visit!  It made mt weekend.  It was great to see him, even if he did headbutt me awake at 5am, twice.

A neighboring town, Pine Lake, had a city wide yard sale on Saturday morning.  Ashley and I headed out.  We found some great canisters for my ingredients that litter my counter-tops.  They are perfect.

It looks like I will be heading to Bryson City, North Carolina for a weekend soon.  That should be a nice time and I am looking forward to getting away.


Millie said...

Tato...he has to be a Puerto Rican. That's a typical PR it...LOL!

Alessandra said...

:-) miaooo!

dirtyduck said...

those are really nice!

Two Vegan Boys said...

Love the canisters. I found a similar glass jar at the local thrift store. As always, your food looks amazing. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.