Monday, May 30, 2011

Police Knock!

As a rule, I sleep with my phone on the nightstand beside my bed.  That way, if anyone has urgent Real Estate business, I can take care of it.  Working nights at the jobby job means that I am not the agent that typically gets started at 7am.  I realize others are so I try to accommodate.

For several weeks, I have been awoken by the phone.  In fact, there may have only been one or two times in the last 6 weeks that I have not been startle awake by the alarm or the phone.  It was effecting my sleep.  Friday, I decided that I was going to sleep in.  I anxiously left my phone downstairs so that it would not disturb my sleep.  Everything was going to wait.

I was a bit uncomfortable falling asleep, feeling like I might miss something important but I knew my body needed it.  Sleep.  Finally.  Then I was shocked awake with a police style banging on my front door.  Still not quite awake, I laid in bed for a few seconds, looked at the clock next to me to realize the power was out.  The police knock came again, this time longer.

In my PJs, I darted downstairs and threw the door open to see my neighbor fully dressed, on my front porch.  He asked me if I had power.  I told him I did not and he asked if I had already called the power company.  I looked at my own PJs and imagined my messy bed head and politely told him no.  He said he would do it and walked back to his house.  I grabbed my phone to check the time.  7:15am.  Needless to say, I was unhappy, especially when I could not get back to sleep.

Luckily for me I tried the same tactic on Sunday morning and was able to sleep until nearly noon.  It was great and I felt refreshed.

I had a busy morning Saturday, luckily, Ashley helped me out by making me a pasta salad to take to work that night as well used my tofu scramble recipe to make us some nice breakfast burritos for brunch.  It was nice to not have to rush to get food prepared myself.

I also was able to whip up some nice Bar B-Que tempeh for my lunch before work on Sunday.  It was a nice healthy(ish) lunch for myself.

I am really enjoying the Real Estate market.  I have been spending as much time as I can with clients and it is great.  I hope they keep coming!


Elisabeth said...

Sleep deprivation sucks! I am not a brain surgeon on call to have my phone on 24/7 so I try to turn the ringer off sometimes, or I would never get any sleep :-)
That was very rude that your neighbor woke you up at 7:15am! The neighbor should have called the power company without asking you first, unless you were outside on your porch and it was clear that you were awake. It does not matter if two people call the power company in case you already did.

kmouse said...

Your neighbor didn't have to wake you up for that, he could have called the power company himself!

Hope you get some good zzzz's soon.

dreaminitvegan said...

Sorry about not getting enough sleep. erhhhhh that's rough.

That breakfast burrito looks very tasty.

Shear Sensations said...


PIE-314 said...

Aw! That's just like college! The tempeh looks amazing though; wish I could have some now.

Rose said...

There's nothing better than a good sleep in! I can't believe your neighbor came banging at 7:15...sheesh! Glad to hear it worked out for you on Sunday. All the food looks delicious.

Alessandra said...

Golly, for a moment I really thought that the police knocked at your door! I think I need some more sleep too these days, I am so tired but I need to find the time.

Carissa said...

That is so weird that the cop came to ask you that so early? And I HATE being woken up early because I can't ever go back to sleep!

dirtyduck said...

thats kinda scary. i hate banging doors and loud noises,but im glad everything is ok!!