Monday, May 23, 2011

A productive day after a good visit this weekend

I had quite a good day today.  I got up early and took a client out to see some property.  As we pulled into the second house, we both knew it was the place they wanted.  We rushed back to submit an offer.  Later in the evening I was able to go out with another client and look at some other properties as well.  It has felt very productive.

It was good to feel accomplished after a weekend with some quality relaxation.  Friday morning I received a text from and old punk rock friend saying he was coming through town and wanted to get together.  He and his buddy came over for dinner and crashed at my place for the night.  It was a short visit but really nice to catch up some after nearly 8 years.

For dinner I made a simple brown rice with veggies, Ashley made a strawberry mango and banana smoothie and as a main dish, I made some really great chic pea patties.  They were a little more crumbly then I would have liked but will certainly be made again.


Alessandra said...

I love chickpea patties, what is the 'purple' ingredient I can see in the photo?

I made a banana flower salad instead, Not something I could make often (it is the first time I get a banana flower), but it was very good!


Millie said...

Horray for having a good productive and properous day...keep selling those houses.