Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Busy Boy!

I have spent a lot of my week working.  I am coming close on a few deals I have been working on for Real Estate, which feels gratifying.  It will be nice to see my hard work pay off.

This weekend I have a really nice schedule at the jobby job and am hoping to have a fun time.  I had plans to go see political hip-hop group, Dead Prez, but right after I bought my tickets, the show was canceled.  Bummed, I realized it might be a chance for some needed relaxation.

Food-wise, I have been cooking a little on and off.  I made some tempeh, however, the flavor did not turn out nearly as well as the picture.

I also had a late night snack with the a great basketball game, a big bowl filled with my famous popcorn!  That recipe will have to wait for a book deal!


Alessandra said...

At least tell us if the popcorn is sweet or salty! :-)

Ornella "Nelly" Grosz said...

When is the book coming out?

dianna said...

there's a vegan brunch in atlanta this Sunday! 1PM at WonderRoot (982 Memorial Dr) just realized you live in Atlanta after I found this blog on What the hell does a vegan eat.