Saturday, May 21, 2011

More with the Seitan Steaks?

A night off was just what I needed to refresh myself. It was a nice evening and I had some nice fresh salad to make me feel even better.  I fried up some seitan steaks that I made earlier in the week to top the salad.  I drizzled some poppy seed vinaigrette over the top for a complete salad taste.

Ashley does not care much for vinaigrettes so I promised her that the next salad we have will be a "creamy" dressing.  She did however request some cookies.  I whipped some up in the late night and they were gone with a quickness.  Chocolate Chip Cookies.


Alessandra said...

Your seitan stake looks good. Why don't you try to dress your salad with just olive oil, salt and a few drops of lemon, it is the best way in my opinion :-)

Millie said...

you sure make me have a great desire to cook...that seitan looks amazing. Good job.

Hannah said...

I've been craving seitan like a fiend lately, and yours looks especially drool-worthy... Ugh, gotta get some gluten cooking over here, asap! Thanks for pointing me to your recipe, seems like a keeper.