Monday, June 7, 2010

Lack of insparation

With my lack of inspiration with food recently, I have made mainly classics and staples in my kitchen. I thought I would share them since they are still great dishes!

bar b-que tempeh and cabbage
coffee cakemango smoothiechicpea chicken saladpasta with soy sausagesfried rice and veggies with soy sausages"beef" and broccoli
I have been eating well still, just nothing new to post. It has been busy and I hope that summer brings some great inspiration with my growing garden.

I was lucky enough to get into a few Real Estate classes that I have wanted to attend. Then I am getting to fix some dry wall tomorrow. Then of course, the Celtics game!


Millie said...

For not being inspired you sure created some great stuff, I can't even imagine what you can do when you are inspired...greater stuff?

kmouse said...

I totally get that. I fall into the same rut most of the time. I keep making the same thing over and over. Drives my husband nuts.

But yum, I'd eat all of that!