Saturday, June 26, 2010

High Hopes

After a few long days at work, I thought I would share some recent foods that I have been getting into.
blackberry oatmeal

cheese pizza
blueberry smoothie
veggie burgers and fries

blackberry pop
It looks like in addition to my vacation, I have my first closing coming up. I may be submitting another offer very soon for a new client. I have some new nibbles for some other clients. Things may not be slowing down any time soon, which could be a very good thing. High hopes.

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Millie said...

GOOD LUCK ON THOSE SALES. I HAVE A COMERCIAL PROPERTY Which has a grocery store and (3) 2 APARTMENTS attached to it AND A 3 BEDROOM HOUSE BEHIND IT (ALL of them are in one lot), and I am asking FOR all of them only $100,000 AND I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO SALE IT FOR 7 YEARS now. ITS IN MiNT CONDITION, all new electrical, plumbing, hardwood floors and new kitchens on every unit... BUT THE AREA IS NOT THE GREATEST. I DO HOPE YOU CONTINUE TO SUCCEED IN YOUR JOB dispite the bad economy.