Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Going to bed with no snack!?!?

Ironically, despite being so busy, I do not feel like I have much to write on the day to day. I got some cheaper home owners insurance. I am collecting quotes for some tree removal in my yard. I am getting close to a closing date with my first house and may be close to putting in an offer on another. Beyond that, I have a few leads but nothing significant or concrete.

Today I got to see some amazing condos. I had never really considered them when I was buying but there are some great options out there, at a very reasonable price. I was pleasantly surprised and it has been a fun process.

With the NBA finals on and working two jobs, cooking has taken a back seat. I have not made anything fancy and new. In fact, I have not made much aside from veggie burgers and other frozen quick one player foods. I have been eating some of the same-old items though.

Living alone, no one is around to keep my snack eating in check and hold me accountable. Sadly, I can not seem to eat snacks in moderation, when alone. I have been slipping, gobbling up 4, 5, or 6 snacks a day. Sometimes two pieces of cake at night is not enough. I half blame my dad. He is the same way. They are just so delicious.

I am a cut and dry kind of guy. To regulate the snacks, I have decided to challenge myself with the help of my readers. I will not eat bedtime (sugar-y) snacks until I begin my vacation, on July 7th. I will mention it in my post if I cheat, but I will not. I am comitted to going to bed without a sugar-y snack. For now.

It looks like I have two vacations coming up. Early in July, Ashley and I will be taking a road trip. Destinations are not yet set but we hope to make it as far north as Kentucky or even West Virgina. We shall see.

Jamie found me an awesome gift! Several weeks ago, I broke one of my favorite baking dishes that Jamie got me for my birthday. She could not find the same exact dish but this one is awesome too. It is a loaf pan!


jessy said...

oh man, tree removal can be expensive - i hope you get some great quotes. the reason we haven't removed 2 trees that kinda need to be removed at some point is because we can't really afford it at the moment. it's all good though. that's great that you're getting closer to a closing date on the first house and an offer on the second one. keep us posted - i love following along in the process. :)

i absolutely adore the new dish Jamie got to replace the one that broke. it rocks! hooooray for you and Ashley taking a road trip! no matter where the destination, i bet you two will have such a gloriously fun time!

snacks, snacks, snacks. i loooove me some snacks - and i too am a cut and dry kinda lady. it's either all or none for me. i can't just "kinda snack on some things" because then i start making excuses & exceptions. when my snacking gets out of hand i cut 'em out. for me, i love salty 'n crunchy snacks - like popcorn, chips, g-f pretzels, etc. the problem is that once i finish my salty snack i want a sweet one. ah ha ha! i tried starting with a sweet, but them i'm looking to eat salty afterwards, then sweet again....well, you get the idea, it's a vicious cycle. i your challenge & commitment to cutting out the sugary snacks before bed is an excellent one! actually, think i'm gonna have to join in on the commitment, too! and i also learned the snacking on stuff before bed from my dad - he's totally the same way.

Jes said...

Awesome pryex loaf pan! I love the mushrooms on it! & I'm totally with you on the needing the blog world for motivation/accountability. It's the reason I'm so creative since I only cook for myself. Snacking is hard for me--I have to keep it to a super minimum (mostly by not keeping anything snackable around).

kmouse said...

I have a problem with snacking as well. I never realized just how many extra calories I'm packing in. I recently started keeping a food log over at sparkpeople.com which is great because you can put in all the food you eat and it calculates the calories, fat, protein, carbs etc. I like it because I can track how much or little protein I'm getting.