Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Busy day.

Today was a non-stop busy day. After getting home from work at 2am, I went to sleep fast. Less then 6 hours later, I was back up and getting ready for one of the Real Estate classes that I have been trying to get into. It was a great class and I learned a lot.

I rushed home to eat and have about an hour to relax. Then, my friend Brenton came over and we fixed some drywall in my bathroom. It was my first time doing drywall. It was not really my thing but it is nice to have it completed.

About 10 minutes after Brenton left, Ashley showed up for dinner. We noticed that sadly, it appears a rabbit has eaten most of my basil in the garden. Pesky rabbit!

For dinner I made some tofu with a blackberry sauce and some nice summer squash halves on the side. The sauce was not exactly what I wanted so I will continue to work it out before sharing. The squash came out excellent.

It was a busy day, very good though. Double shift tomorrow and showing lofts on Thursday. Now to get my green shirt on and watch the Celtics beat up the Lakers!


Jes said...

I feel you on busy days--hope you're able to get some rest! The tofu looks super rejuvenating though :)

Millie said...

Love the meal...also as a hairdresser for 32 yrs. I know for a fact human hair is the best thing to use to keep the critters away from your plants. If you go to a beauty shop and ask them to give you a bag full of hair they would...then go home and spread this hair on the ground around your plants...all the rabbits or any other critters will disappear...they think a human is there so they won't touch your plants. It works all the time. good luck and enjoy your harvest.


Millie said...

Yes it is true and you will be amazed how fast they dissapear, you can also plant marigolds around your plants, these critters hate marigolds. they won't even go near your plants if there is marigolds around there. Let me know what results you get.

jessy said...

wow! that's a crazy busy day, fo 'sho! sadface on the rabbits getting to your basil. i'm with Millie, try hair or marigolds to deter them. i can't wait for your blackberry sauce recipe, i think it looks great - and the squash sounds simple & delicious. yum! i hope you get some down time soon!

Anonymous said...

Ashley told me you needed some editing help on "Not enough sleep."
I am guessing at what she means because I did not see a post with that title, but your infamous "then/than" problem has again reared its ugly head. ("Less then 6 hours later...")
However, due to your busy schedule and lack of sleep, maybe we will let it go THIS TIME. :P

About the hair... I don't know if it is weirder to get hair from a random shop or someone you know, but I am getting a haircut Tuesday, so if you have not yet picked up some hair and you want some, facebook me and I will save mine.


dreaminitvegan said...

That blackberry sauce looks great, I would have never thought of using something like that for tofu. thanks!

Cassie - Vegan Fox said...

I recently learned that cat and dog hair can work, as well.