Monday, March 25, 2013

Two Shows and a Dough

While I realize that most of the foodies that read this blog are bored to tears with my posts about recently shows I have attended, they are actually really important to me and my life.  I have been going much more frequently and it has felt good.  I have even been trying to break my own mold and go to some shows that I am not typically a fan of the bands just to have the experience.  Thursday was just such a show.

It was the local, Antpile, followed by Homewrecker and Pits of Hell.  Antpile was pretty good.  Homewrecker and Pits of Hell we too metal and tough guy for me.  I was not a big fan.  Up next was a real treat, The Goodtime Boys.  They played a very unique style of hardcore with a lot of tempo changes and were a great live band.  The highlight of the night for me.  Last was Loma Prieta, very talented and abrasive.  It was a decent show despite some of the tough guy macho crap.

Goodtime Boys

Loma Prieta

Loam Prieta

The following night Ashley and I headed to Dough Bakery before an acoustic house show with one of our favorite folk/punk singers.  We each had the cuban special while at dough and shared a cupcake as well.  The bread at Dough is always outstanding.  The cupcake was super moist and fluffy.

At the show we first saw a local favorite D-Flo.  Always good and just a fun guy to see live.  Then we saw Adam and the Ancient Gods whom I had not seen before but was looking forward too.  Adam did not disappoint, hilariously amazing.  Next up was Georgia Slim who was the only one that used and amp in the livingroom of a small house playing for about 12 people.  He was good with some old timer labor songs.  Last was Ryan Harvey.  Ive seen him a couple of time and this was the best performance yet (partly because he played my requests and covered Crass).  Ashley does not usually attend shows but this environment was in her comfort zone and she had a great time, as did I.

Ryan Harvey

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Adi said...

I haven't gone to a show in a while. I've only gone to see local bands about twice or thrice. I normally see big heavy metal bands like the Scorpions, Van Halen, Ozzy, etc. But some of the local shows I've gone too are pretty cool.

P.S: That cupcake looks delicious!