Friday, March 29, 2013

Great Thursday!

Thursday turned out to be a great day.  It was filled with all sorts of great activities.  I had an appointment at 11am but after I was able to to the farmers market where I got the ingredients to make dinner for myself, Ashley, and Kaleigh.

I spent a couple of hours in the afternoon playing some games and preparing for dinner, I decided to try to make Pad See Ew.  I have never made it before and thought it would be a fun meal to make.  It was actually better then I expected, the rice noodles came out perfect as did the tofu and veggies.  Kaleigh did not eat much of it, aside from the mushrooms but both Ashley and I cleaned out plate.

Digging through my fridge, Kaleigh found some of my homemade hummus and wanted to eat a pita with it.  We actually had to cut her off as she did not want to stop!  She tried it with roasted red pepper and cucumber.  I made Ashley a pita to take to work tomorrow.

Kaleigh and I were doing a science project of making a giant brain (did not really work) and Ashley suggested we make cookies.  I do not take much convincing to get the treats going so in short order, we were eating fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies.  Kaleigh wanted to watch a little tv and eat some popcorn so I obliged then too.  It was an evening of snacking!

Later that night, I got a last minute invite to a hardcore show.  I saw some new up and coming Atlanta hardcore as well as the Neo Cons.  I also finally got to see Manic, a local but I have not actually seen them yet.  The venue was a little rough but it was still a fun show.  Some great performances.

Neo Cons


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