Friday, March 22, 2013

Cooking with Kaleigh 5; Horned Melon!

I had a great day with Kaleigh yesterday.  I had the special privilege of picking her up right at school so that she and I could go to the book fair.  We got a couple of book and even a monster science kit.  Playing with a glow in the dark, growing brain will be a fun project for her and I.

Kaleigh has been making fruit salad on her own recently so she wanted to make one at my house as well.  Sadly, she did not want to film a video for it.  However, I did find a horned melon at the store.  I have never had (nor even opened) a horned melon and neither had she.  We were curious about it and after some discussion she thought it felt like jelly was inside since it was squishy.  We did a short video of her cutting into the melon and being the brave girl that tried it first!

 She gobbled up the melon on and off through the evening.  It was decent but not very flavorful.  The seeds seemed a little distracting to the unique texture of the melon but all in all it was a fun experiment.  Maybe in the next couple of weeks I can get her to film another actual cooking video.

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