Monday, March 4, 2013

33rd Birthday

It was my birthday on Sunday, I turned 33.  My brother flew in for a visit over the weekend and we stayed busy.  He flew in Friday evening and we headed out to get some sushi.  When he lived in Atlanta with me, we used to go to the sushi bar often and since I rarely go anymore, it was a fun trip down memory lane for us.

After dinner we went to see a comedy show.  The comics were really good but sadly, the audience consisted of a bunch of drunk girls in the front row that made the experience disappointing.  The club should have thrown them out.

Saturday we got up and headed out for some morning donuts!  He shared 4 donuts and then headed back to my house to make a plan for the day.  We decided to go to a couple bookstores, a movie, dinner at Green Sprout, and hit up another comedy club.  Needless to say, we had a full night!  It was a lot of fun but we were both beat when we got home.

Sunday (my actual birthday) we went to Dough Bakery for an early lunch / brunch.  My brother got pancakes and home fries while I got a "roast beef" sandwich.  The breads at Dough are always amazing!  That afternoon we just hung out at the house talking and watching a dvd.  That afternoon I took him to the airport.  I was sad to see him go but it was great to have him visit.  Rarely does my family come to see me.

That evening, Ashley and Kaleigh treated me to dinner.  In fact, Kaleigh even made me a birthday pot holder!  She is great.  We had a nice dinner and then cake when we got back to my house.  I also got to see Kaleigh ride her bike without the training wheels which was awesome!


Leigh said...

Sounds like a fun birthday! Man, I crave those donuts from Revolution. So damn good.

Sanni said...

where did you go for doughnuts? i heard revolution doughnuts has vegan ones.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a nice birthday and regret that all you got from me was a phone call just so busy I cant even fathom it not actual physical busy there is that too but the mental exhaustion feels like my brain is overloaded with information to remember and sort for inportance glad ben came down and again happy 33rd
love mom

nathanielK said...

where is k's helmet? just sayin.