Monday, March 11, 2013

Rough Saturday

Saturday was a strange day for me.  I opted to work a doubled shift (rather then my usual 12 hours) because another person needed the day off.  I ended up working about 17 hours that day, then lost and hour that night for daylight savings times.  Needless to say, Sunday I was fairly tired and low energy.

I was well prepared though.  Friday I spend much of the day cooking.  I made some random items but the highlights we certainly some black beans with lime that I had been soaking since Thursday.  They had a really nice delicate flavor to them.  I shared with someone at work and she said they needed more flavor.  I thought they were perfect.  It was a reminder of how heavy handed I generally am with flavors and how feeding healthy natural foods to people who mainly dine in their cars with a take out bag is occasionally met with a palate shock.

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Millie said...

Vic, that looks great, full of protein with a zesty flavor...yummy.