Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hurry up spring!

Atlanta seems to be having a battle these last few weeks.  One day the spring weather of 70 degrees and a nice breeze will make everyone think it is time to put the winter sweaters in the closet and break out the shorts.  The very next day the temperature drops back into the 50's and we need to sweaters again.  I feel a little spoiled complaining about it since my friends and family in Maine are still dealing with snow.

Due to the weather, my tastes have been bouncing around from craving the light summer foods to the roasted winter dishes.  As a compromise, I have been making more roasted hummus.  It has been really quite a flavor punch to roast the chicpeas in spices prior to the puree process.

Mainly I have been using the hummus in pitas to take to work.  It is quick, easy, healthy, and flavorful.  I have also shared them with some folks at work and they have been a big hit.  This time I even roasted a red pepper to add to the pitas.  It was a fantastic lunch!

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Adi said...

I love hummus and pita bread!! You just made me very hungry, despite the fact that I just ate this morning. Lucky you!