Friday, March 15, 2013

An evening with the Shrinky Dinks!

For whatever reason, Kaleigh did not want to film a new Cooking with Kaleigh video.  It saddens me but I certainly do not want to force the issue and take all the fun out of it and cooking for this magnificent little 6 year old girl.  We did still spend the evening together though. 

For her birthday a few months back, I got her some shrinky dinks.  She did not know what they were nor did she care much since it looked like blank sheets of paper.  Last week however, she suggested that we try them out.  I had Ashley pack them in Kaleigh's school bag so that when I picked her up we could have the evening for crafting.

Jamie joined us in the beginning since she is an amazing artist and has dabbled in the world of shrinky dinks.  Jamie made a great necklace for Kaleigh while Kaleigh colored in a ghoul girl.  Ashley showed up a short while into the proceeding and we all had a great time cook and coloring the shrinky dinks.  Kaleigh had so much fun, she even made a few things for her friends at school and a special one for her mom.

Kaleigh's Ghoul Girl before baking

Kaleigh's Ghoul Girl after baking

Kaleigh's necklace

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