Friday, June 1, 2012

First attempt at lentil seitan

Ok, last post before the Florida trip!  I am sure the blog world has been dying with suspense...

As I said before, on the last day on my trip to Spain, Miak from the Equipo B squat made seitan with lentils.  I was intrigued and was desperate to try it myself.  My first attempt did was not perfect.  I think I added to many lentil because the seitan did not hold during the boiling process.  When it was finished boiling, it was in pieces.

I was disappointed but knew I could salvage it into something great.  I tossed it into the oven with some oil and spices and roasted it for nearly two hours.  Constantly flipping and stirring to avoid burning.  I was left with something like a pulled pork type product.  Like any rational human being, I made some pulled pork sandwiches!  They were fantastic.  Such a rich flavor.  Maybe I will have better luck at the real goal next time.

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Anonymous said...

have fun in florida! that looks yummy! nice and hearty! thanks for sharing!