Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Falling Back...

Falling back on the easy foods, I have been rushed (and lazy) and eating a lot of prepared vegan mock meats.  Tossing in my own additions is common but they are still not my dishes.  They are still tasty meals but I really have been trying to get away from them a bit more.  I would much prefer some homemade dish.

Often, I get overly critical about using prepared ingredients in my foods.  Once, my oldest sister, Naomi, pointed out that most recipes you find have prepared ingredients.  Things like mayonnaise, mustard, soy sauce, bar b que, they are all prepared.  Sure, these can be made at home but more often then not, they are acquired from a store.  I guess I should not feel so bad about eating dishes like this.  Quick and easy is sometimes a necessity.

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Anonymous said...

you're right, quick and easy is sometimes best! looks delicious!