Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Florida Trip: Day Five; Farewell Cupcakes

It was our last day in Florida and my mum wanted to show us around the town a bit.  We drove around and got a few different views of the gulf coast.  We visited a few state parks and had a nice afternoon.

We stopped off at a tea house for some drinks.  We sampled about a dozen flavors of iced tea and each got our favorite.  It was a quaint little shop in the downtown area of Crystal River.  After lunch, it was time to pack the car up and head out.

I never enjoy say good bye to my mum.  I is always nice to see her and I wish it was more frequent.  My mum has done a lot for me in my life and tried hard to keep me making smart choices, even when I made it very difficult

On our way to Gainsville, we stopped at a number of thrift stores and had Kaleigh try to find specific items while I looked for vintage cookware!  Ashley and I are quite the tricksters!  Once in Gainesville we appeased Ashley's week long demand, we went to Sarkara Sweets.

They had so many varieties of cupcakes, it was pretty surprised.  We got a total of 6, each of the three of us picked 2.  I got a rose cupcake, Kaleigh got a creamcicle and a confetti, while Ashley got a french toast.  I do not recall the other two flavors we got.  They were great though.  The rose was amazing.

 After the cupcakes, Ashley wanted to see if there was a vegan place to get dinner.  We were directed about 4 blocks away to a vegan friendly restaurant called The Top, where we had a nice meal before a long drive home.  I had a seitan steak with some roasted vegetables.  Ashley had a falafel burger with seitan bacon.  We all shared a slice of chocolate cake after dinner.  Nothing like a bunch of sugar and 5 hours in the car!

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i'm glad you had a great trip! those cupcakes look amazing! thanks for sharing!