Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spain Vacation: Day Twelve; parting ways...

Sunday was my last day in Spain.  Pari's friend Chris came over early and we headed back to the Equipo B squat for pizza day.  Maik and I were both going to make our own versions of seitan for the pizzas.  I was also in charge of making some more vegan cheese for them as well.  It was an afternoon of cooking in the squat.  Getting the vegetables ready, the seitan ready, and the cheese made took several hours.

Maik made a seitan that used lentils.  It had a great texture and i looked over his shoulder while he made it.  It was very inspiring and something I am going to play around with myself.  He watched as I had my seitan (and vegan cheese) as well.  It was a great sharing of ideas.  Much of my seitan did not last to the pizza making as the residents of Equipo B and the people helping make the pizzas seemed to snack on it quite a bit.  At least it was enjoyed and made an appearance on several pizzas.

Around 5pm folks started to arrive.  We served far more pizza this Sunday then the prior one.  We left around 9pm again and there was a good crowd of people.  I would estimate that we served nearly 50 pizzas.

When it was time to leave, I was reluctant.  I really wanted to stay.  The community was something I had not felt in years, since my punk rock days in Maine.  There is a definite romance to that lifestyle that appeals to me.  I would love to go back to Barcelona and see some of the friends I made again.  It was a amazing trip and has started a snowball effect on my thoughts about community and family.

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