Saturday, June 2, 2012

Florida Trip: Day One; Strawberry arrival

Ok.  Florida.  Here we go!

Ashley was driving, she and her daughter Kaleigh picked me up at my house at about 930am.  We were off for our short adventure.  At 5 years old, Kaleigh has some trouble sitting still in the car for the full6 hour drive to Crystal River Florida.  We made a plan to stop half way there and pick strawberries.  We were the only people at the berry farm and lucky for us, they even had blackberries.  It was the first time Kaleigh picked strawberries and her face was covered in strawberries within minutes.  She knew how to do it right.

We spent about an hour or so at the berry field and had a quick lunch of PB&J and it was back in the car.  Kaleigh and I listened to all sorts of music on my mp3 player.  She fell in love with The Bengles, and also got into some good old anarcho-punk and Oi tunes, not to mention her usual interest in some post-punk folk music. (check the link for the specifics).

Once we arrived in Florida, Kaleigh got to walk the dogs with my mum.  My mum lives with 2 labs, one yellow the other black.  While Kaleigh walked, Ashley and I unpacked and rushed to the store to get supplies for dinner.

We made some simple pasta with garlic bread and a salad.  My mum roommates ate with us.  They are trying to make better food choices so they asked a lot of questions and loved the dinner.  After eating, as watched the basketball game, with a classic plate of my fries and went to bed.  It would be a week of early alarm clocks.


Jennifer Lynskey said...

Looks like fun! I'm making a strawberry rhubarb cobbler as we speak.

Anonymous said...

what a fun outting!! those berries look so succulent and delicious! and wow! your dinner looks fabulous too! thanks for sharing:)

Alessandra said...

So nice to pick strawberries and other berries, pity it is Autumn here!


Hannah said...

Oh, the berry fields simply look like heaven! I've been dying to go picking locally, but the weather (and my schedule) just hasn't cooperated yet...