Monday, June 4, 2012

Florida Trip: Day three; Beumusement

Day three in Florida was another early morning.  Ashley and I were taking Kaleigh to an amusement park.  Personally, I enjoy amusement parks but have never been with a 5 year old.

We did not tell Kaleigh where we were going so when we pulled into the parking lot, her eyes widened and she said "we are going to a beumusement park?"  She was so excited.  Ashley told her the rules (stay with us, etc) and we were on our way into the park.  The first this we were confronted with was a flock of flamingos.  Kaleigh knew she was in for a good day!

We spend the first part of the day seeing lots of animals (feeding kangaroos) and watching Kaleigh go on a few kiddies rides.  Then we watch some little show that Kaleigh said was too young for her.  We rode a kids roller coaster a couple of times.  The we told her that since she was just barely 42 inches, we was able to ride a couple of adult rides.  We headed to a "river" ride.  She was slightly nervous as we loaded on the raft and she was the only kid on the ride or in line.  She was a champion though.  She sat with me and we got soaked!  She loved it!

She was ready for the big rides.  We hit a couple more, including a roller coaster then had a loop.  For the remainder of the day, she went back and forth about hating that ride and it being her favorite.

We were all starting to get hungry so we spent a bit of time finding a place that had some vegan options.  We finally did and they were very accommodating.  We saw all kids of things and had a great time.  Kaleigh did an outstanding job in paying attention, staying with us, and not complaining about anything.  I was shock, in fact, she was likely the best behaved person in our group of three.  Always impressed with her.

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Anonymous said...

Aw, what a special day for Kaleigh! She is precious! thanks for sharing!