Tuesday, March 10, 2015


With all the leftover chickun nuggets from this past weekend, we had to make sandwiches!  They were excellent.  Such a good way to eat fried food!  For the first time I actually used the mustard sauce that we make, right on the sandwich!  It was really good and will be repeated.

Yesterday, Ashley was going to be late getting home from work so Kaleigh and I were doing our own dinner.  I asked her what she wanted and she immediately retorted, Bar-B-Que Mushroom Sandwiches!

Who am I to deny that request?  It was off to the store where we surprised everyone by rolling into the parking lot, windows down, blasting billy idol, both of us singing as loud as we could.

Mushroom sandwiches, chips, grapes, I think so!  We had a great dinner although we both missed Ashley.  I shared some giant salads with Ashley once she finally got home.

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