Wednesday, March 25, 2015

8 year old Baker!

Kaleigh has been trying more baking in the kitchen recently.  She made chocolate chip cookies a week or so ago with very little help.  Yesterday she wanted to make more cookies.  Who am I to stop her?

She grabbed the Vegan Cookies Invade your Cookie Jar cookbook and thumbed through.  Each time she found a recipe that she wanted to try she was list the ingredients and ask me if we had them on hand.  After some searching she realized she could make the Cowboy Cookies.  Not the easiest of the recipes in the book but she thought it looked fun.

We went to the pantry and kitchen and got all of her ingredients on the counter; I stayed in the living room listening to her work.  I could hear Kaleigh reading the recipe and then the instructions.  She worked diligently, looking for the correct measuring utensils and perfectly measuring each ingredients according to step one.  Then onto step 2 and she asked for help in pouring the oil which we keep in a massive container.

After about 30 minutes, she had finished the dough and used a measuring cup to make them into what she called "cookie drops".  Into the oven they went.  The house began to smell delicious and soon I got to be the taste tester!  They were fantastic.  She was really proud of them and thought she deserved a position on a kids cooking show.

They were really perfect and I am so impressed and proud of her.  How many 8 year old children can bake cookies from start to finish by themselves?  It was an awesome sight to see.


Nahum Nicholas said...

Please come to my house. I need cookies.

PSproper said...

Good motivation to get my 20-year-old butt in the kitchen and churn out some cookies. Perhaps some sort of "Kaleigh-can" mantra is in order.