Thursday, March 12, 2015


For my birthday last week, Ashley and I intended on making falafel.  As it fits our vegan needs, plus the needs of my dad's high protein, as well as Sue's wheat and soy free diet.  It is always a fun challenge when we all do dinner together.

For whatever reason, the falafel was too wet and I could not get it to form into patties.  My dad was going to be at the house soon so I was rushing.  I did what I normally do and grabbed a cup of flour and tossed it in.  Ashley noticed and mentioned that Sue can not have wheat. I totally spaced it for a second and ruined it.

We tossed it into the fridge and went with plan B, Bar-B Que chickpeas.  However, I did pull the falafel out the following day and made them.  No reason to waste all that food.  We had a nice open faced falafel salad!  Recovery!

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