Monday, March 23, 2015

Karate Tournament and Eagles!

Kaleigh attended her 2nd Karate tournament this weekend.  She worked really hard and did a great job.  She got a medal for her participation in the forms category.  She has been working really hard on her kata and did an excellent job.  There was a noticeable improvement from the last tournament.  Her moves were sharper and she was more confident.

When it was her turn to compete in the sparring, she won her first match!  She was the first to get to 3 points with three quick head shots.  We were so proud of her.  She went up against a girl with a higher belt and was confident and followed through on her game plan.  She was very proud of herself for winning her first match!  Ashley and I were also so proud of her bravery and effort.

Then the tournament became a joke.  One girl for 3 byes and automatically earned a trophy while Kaleigh had to fight three times before being knocked out of the top 4.  She had to fight the same girl that was several belts above her twice.  It really was a joke.  The school Huard's Sporting Karate really botched this group up.  I won't go into the details but we may not attend another tournament that they host.

On the drive to the tournament, we spotted some bald eagles perched on a tree over a stream on the side of the road.  Ashley and Kaleigh get really excited to see the bald eagles since they are so rare in Atlanta.  Ashley has seen 9 since moving here in August.  These were the first we had seen that were just sitting in a tree.

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