Thursday, July 3, 2014

Home Delivery!

Kaleigh and I had Wednesday off together.  I tried to avoid working and she ditched summer camp.  We decided to make vegetable broth!  It is something we both really enjoy doing.

We save scraps for months until we have about 10 bags worth.  Then we each pick the bags we would like to use and toss some water in to boil for hours.  After hours of boiling, we strain it all off and have a nice rich, dark, flavorful broth.  We had so much this time that we decided to share with the local family.

We pack up some broth and delivered it to Kaleigh's grandparents.  It seems like an odd gift but it was something Kaleigh is really proud of and they appreciated it.  We also had a little extra gazpacho that we delivered as well.

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