Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Baking requires following directions...

My skills baking have been slow to improve over the years.  I have never been one that has followed directions well and that makes baking more difficult.  When I cook, I cook to taste and it is much more difficult to do that when baking.  I hope to have the ability to improve dramatically over the next few months.

Over my BBQ weekend I decided to try may hand at some cupcakes.  The flavor is spot on and great but the aesthetic is off.  I feel like baked goods can not look rustic.  It just looks sloppy.  These were certainly rustic cupcakes.

I threw in some little jimmies and sprinkles for the "birthday cake" effect into both the cake and the icing.  It was a cool effect and Kaleigh was happy that there was some fun color.  They need some work but at least they flavor was great and they made excellent bedtime snacks!

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