Friday, May 31, 2013

Another Graduation?

For the last week or so Ashley and I have been celebrating another graduation.  Kaleigh graduation kindergarten!  The first full day of celebration was a hike.  She got to pick the trail at Sweetwater Creek State Park.  We choose the white trail again, which seems to be her favorite despite it being a 4 mile trail.  She did a great job on this trail again.

We saw quite a bit of wildlife this trip as well, including turtles, hawks, lizards, and an eastern garter snake.  Kaleigh and I even ventured out onto some rocks in the creek and let the water rush past us.  We took our time and spent about 5 hours in the woods, hiking, watching, talking, and relaxing.  I think it is great that at 6 years old she has such an appreciation for the wilderness.

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