Friday, May 17, 2013

Chattanooga Vacation: Day 2; Caverns, Adventure, Food and Mischief!

Day two started out a little rocky as Kaleigh was cranky.  She is not a morning person and she was super excited to start the adventures we had planed.  She was not interested in the preparations needed to get to the adventures.  Once we finally got her there, to Raccoon Mountain, she was perfect!

Kaleigh had never been inside a cavern before so Ashley and I took her on a walking tour to warm her up.  I took my camera and was able to some nice shots of the caverns.  Kaleigh was often in awe of the beauty.  I can image I was also the first time I saw the inside of a cavern.

After the walking tour the three of us met up with out guide and took an hour long spelunking adventure!  We had pads, helmets, headlamps, the whole thing.  It was hard work for all three of us but Kaleigh was having a blast.  There was only one point where she got a little scared.  It was an area called "little canyon" where we crawled through a winding tunnel that was about 2 feet wide.  Cutting through the middle of the tunnel was a 4-5 foot drop into a "canyon".

She got to climb boulders, belly crawl through caves, slide down mudslides, scale ropes, all by just the light of her headlamp!  She was really brave and by the end she was extremely proud of herself.  Once out of the cave, we took some pictures with us all muddy and with our gear on.

After finishing up at Raccoon Mountain we did some gem mining and the headed back to Sluggo's for an early dinner as we were all famished by then.  Kaleigh enlightened another plate of nacho's while Ashley had the burrito.  I set out to eat an entire plate of pecan dusted seitan on top of mashed potatoes with a mushroom gravy.  Another great meal.

There can be no trip without some mischief so on our way out of Tennessee, we got some fireworks!  Once back in home, we set some of them off.  Kaleigh thought it was pretty cool since she has not had many chances to see fireworks that up close and personal.

The fireworks were a great grand finale to our overnight trip.  I hope we can take Kaleigh caving again, I think it has really made her feel special.

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adriennefriend said...

Awesome trip, great pictures inside the cave. Did you love Sluggo's?! Man, that pecan-dusted seitan plate is my favorite.