Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Parks, Plants, and Hardcore!

Since Ashley has been out of school and the busy summer has begun at the jobby job, my schedule has been thrown for a loop.  Fortunately, it has largely worked out to allow me to spend more time doing enjoyable things. 

Ashley, Kaleigh and I had a Saturday morning together and we took the opportunity to plants some food.  We did not plant a lot and we used pots vs the ground but it is better than nothing.  We got some jalapeno peppers in, purple bell peppers, basil, cilantro, and tarragon.  Kaleigh loves to garden, I think most kids love any excuse to get dirty.

The following day I had off, which was extremely rare.  After Ashley got out of work, we grabbed Kaleigh and went to get some vegan donuts.  There was a special flavor, jalapeno!  They were great!  I am so fortunate to have a place that offers amazing vegan donuts here in Atlanta!  Revolution Doughnuts is an Atlanta treasure!

After donuts, we took a trip to the park.  There was a incredible amount of trash and it was not well taken care of.  We did get to some fire ants walking on water as well as some small turtles and a copperhead with babies!

That night, I headed out alone to see a couple of bands from France, Gasmask Terror and Youth Avoiders.  They were playing with one of my favorite new local bands, Mercenary.  Mercenary is so sick.  Fast abrasiveness hardcore, in your face.  Gasmask and Youth Avoiders were also extremely good.  Overall, it was a great show.

Gasmask Terror
Youth Avoiders

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