Friday, May 3, 2013

Strawberry Season!

Last Thursday, I picked both Ashley and Kaleigh up after they each got out of school.  We headed a little east of Atlanta to a local pick your own strawberry patch!  For me, strawberry picking has a long tradition and I would love to be able to share that with a child as special as Kaleigh.

As a kid, my mum and I used to go to a place in Maine called Pop's.  We would get up at the crack of dawn and drive even further into the country to pick berries.  As a kid, I can recall eating more berries then I picked.  I can even remember my mum getting in trouble for having a young kid with her and eating all the berries before we paid for them.  She stuck up for me and we returned year after year like nothing ever happened.

Now, as the grown up, I am still eating berries as I pick them and even convincing Kaleigh that she should try them to make sure they are good.  She is occasionally sceptically but all I have to do is tell her we are causing mischief and she will quickly jump on board.  She likes a bit of mischief.

The three of us picked 2 huge buckets of berries and then had some pitas on the picnic table.  We also had some watermelon that we brought with us.  Kaleigh had the brilliant idea of eating the watermelon and a strawberry together, in one big bite!  I was all over that but sadly, her mouth was not quite big enough so she just had to watch me gobble them up!

Toward the end of the evening, Kaleigh took a bad fall off the top of the picnic table (she was standing on the table) and scrapped herself up pretty good.  To calm her down a bit we did what any kids would want to do, we trespassed into an old abandoned farm house and looked around.  She was a little concerned after I told her to watch out for nails in the floor and snakes but she was still brave.

Strawberries, Watermelon & berry sandwiches, Trespassing, what more could we want in an afternoon in late April?


Millie said...

Nothing better than fresh them.

adriennefriend said...

Love these pictures. Where did you pick strawberries?

"She was a little concerned after I told her to watch out for nails in the floor and snakes but she was still brave." <-- best line in the whole post