Monday, May 13, 2013

Raven Cliff Falls

Ashley finished all her tests and finals at school.  We have been taking any opportunity to celebrate her victory since.  She worked really hard and it will not be long before she is working at her new job so any chance she has to enjoy herself, she is taking!  Fortunately for me, I have been able to join in much of the fun.

The day directly after her last final, she and I went on a hike to Raven Cliff Falls.  It is just outside of Helen Georgia, a great day trip.  It was also my first hike with my new camera so I was snapping shots the entire time.  It was a little rainy on and off but that did not stop us!

We stopped at a grocery store to get some fruit for the hike and discovered some of the sketchiest (but vegan) potato chips! We tried them both, neither were very good but we could not resist!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful views on your hike! I need to get out there. Also, I kind of want to try those chips :-P

adriennefriend said...

Damn, I would not have been able to resist those disgusting looking chips either. Gorgeous pictures with your new camera!