Friday, May 10, 2013

700 posts?!?! oh! and Pesto!

Somehow, I managed to reach over 700 posts without realizing it.  That may be an impressive milestone.  I am not really sure.  It sure seems like quite a few.  I remember the day I wrote my first blog post I thought to myself  "I doubt I will ever bother to do that again".  I guess I was wrong.  I may have come a long way or simply written far to many words that no one will ever bother to read.  I may never really know but if there are folks in the blog world dying for more vegan food porn, here is another post!

spaghetti squash and pesto for work!

Pesto has been on the mind recently.  I wish pine nuts were not so costly Pesto is amazing and so easy to take to work.  After making another spaghetti squash with pesto meal for me to have to work, Ashley and I used the remainder on a pizza!  We topped the pizza with some vegan cheese, peppers and tomatoes.  It was quite a tasty pie!


Catherine said...

I agree -- pine nuts are ass-expensive. I found them for a fairly reasonable price at Costco, however -- do you know anyone with a membership? They might be able to hook you up!

Alessandra said...

Congratulations, and great pesto. Pine nuts are hard to harvest, this is why they are pricey, but they taste so good!!