Thursday, March 31, 2011

Product Review: Gutenfleischer's

Anyone who follows this blog or knows me well knows that I rarely advertise for anyone or anything.  In fact, I typically go out of my way to avoid giving plugs to corporations, "conscious" or not.  Scrolling through the years of blogging, you will not find a post reviewing a product or helping someone sell.

Recently, I have decided to make a few minute exceptions.  Although still in opposition to business and profiting off food, I have opted to support a few local and / or friend based ventures.  Today will be the first of a few.

I was recently given a sample package of vacuum sealed pepperoni slices from a local vegan meat start-up.  I stopped eating pepperoni when I was very young, over half my life has been lived without it.  I have tried the mass produced vegan pepperoni and although they have been decent enough, they were not great by any stretch of the imagination.  This was different.

Since I have not had much experience cooking with pepperoni, I decided the ultimate test was pizza.  Just vegan cheese, the pepperonis and a touch of cilantro.  If these could pass this, they would certainly serve any other peperoni purpose.

I think I must have said about 5 minutes during the eating of my first slice that the peperoni has a great flavor.  A nice subtle heat but not over bearing.  From what little I remember of pepperoni, these are the real deal.  They felt very meaty without crossing the line.  Unlike some of the other mock peperoni I have tried, these even stayed moist even as they got a little crispy.  Bottom line, these were excellent.

Check out the Gutenfleischer's; vegan meats website and pick up some great mock meats!  Make a pizza and watch some basketball.  You will not be disappointed.


Elisabeth said...

This looks really good!

adriennefriend said...

Great post on Gutenfleischers. I have some of that very same pepperoni in my fridge right now! You have encouraged me to use it :)

Mihl said...

Their products look wonderful. I used to love pepperoni. Did you know that fleischer means slaughterer in German and gut good? Their name would be a bit unfortunate over here. But I'd still buy their stuff.

Alessandra said...

Nice! It is a pity that they don't sell any veg salami or pepperoni here in New Zealand (or at least, I have never seen it!)

Cadry said...

Intriguing! My husband has been looking for the perfect vegan pepperoni for years.