Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Agent of Spring Madness

It has been a rainy few days here in Atlanta.  Last week it was hot and the ground was candy coated in yellow pollen, this week it is cold and the rain created yellow rivers through the streets.  Welcome to Georgia in the spring.  I do like the spring time though.

I find that as I get older my appreciation for the budding life of spring increases.  I am still not sure if I will do a garden this year.  I have been fairly busy so far this year and I do not want to neglect it.  I was unable to get a significant amount of food from it last year but I did have fun with it.

While I do not really have a team in the collage world, this is March Madness and I have been keeping up.  One of the best parts of watching basketball is the junk food I get to eat.  This year is no different that last, the fries have been getting a lot of playing time.

I also recently made some new business cards.  They came out really well.  I thought I would share them with my readers and maybe even one or two of my local readers needs a Real Estate Agent!


Alessandra said...

I like the business cards, I am sure that they will make an impression :-).


Michelle said...

Ah...TN is the same as GA. I'm glad the rain washed some of that pollen away. It's rough on the sinuses. :)
Great looking business cards.

Millie said...

nice business cards...sell...sell...sell...good luck.

Anonymous said...

Kinda similar weather overhere. Today a lot of rain but on the weekend we will have 23°C, that's like summer.
Nice business cards. Even I'm not totally sure what a real estate agent does (selling houses?) because we don't have them in Belgium. Not like that, we do have 'companies'. But lots of people just buy right from the owner. We did.