Saturday, April 2, 2011


Friday evening was spent making some treats with interesting inspiration.  Last week, at the vegan bake sale, Dough Bakery made some amazing whoopie pies.  Recently, the whoopie pie was declared Maine's state treat.  In fact, to celebrate, they made a whoopie pie that was over 1000 pounds.  That would be a crazy bedtime snack!

These two events made me really start to want more whoopies.  I looked up some recipes and found that one of my favorite blogs, Manifest Vegan, had a good whoopie pie recipe.  For one of the first times in my life, I followed the recipe (at least for the first batch) and they came out great.  For the second batch, I began to play around with the ingredients a bit and come up with some new ideas.  I will continue to play around and come up with my own recipe to represent my home state of Maine as a vegan whoopie pie!  Until then, Manifest Vegan's recipe is great!

As a child growing up in Maine, I do recall whoopie pies being everywhere.  Most local sandwich shops had homemade whoopies wrapped on the counter for a couple of dollars.  I  can recall my mum getting the occasional whoopie on the way to the ocean on a hot summer day.  When I moved to the south, the art of the whoopie pie sort of disappeared until recently so making these was a really fun experience and reminded my of something my mum would have enjoyed.

Ashley came over and we made a whole batch of chocolate whoopies, quickly followed by our own Berry Whoopie.  It was a strawberry whoppie cake with blueberry icing.  There were some whole blueberries left in the icing which was really great, it added a lot to the texture.  It was a successful night and I now have bedtime snacks for a few days.


Shear Sensations said...


Angela said...

Che bontà !!!!

Elisabeth said...

That is some serious bedtime snack! You better watch out I might come by and steal that :-)

Tiffany said...

Looks like you've got the art of the whoopie pie down! :)

Mihl said...

I never had a whoopie pie and I didn't even know they came from Maine. Your version looks great and your post makes me want to try a whoopie pie.

Jes said...

The berry whoopie pie looks amazing! Perfect summery treat!

Alessandra said...

A real Whoopie with the capital W! The one with blueberries looks like an UFO :-).

come to NZ when you get more that 3 days holiday :-)

dirtyduck said...

no..recipe...*feels devastated*

im going to head over to the blog you linked, im interested in what the filling is made of. great pictures by the way!

tweal said...

Oooh yummy! I have never tried a whoopie pie because I don't think they are available/popular here in Canada. But I have heard a lot about them in the vegan community and now I want to taste one - they look sooo delicious!

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laura said...

whoopie pies are the new cupcakes. :-)